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CountDown - New ES Plug-In - Released

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George My system is MS Windows vista home 32bit so i'm sure others most have similar OS as ours but have not had the problem, so it would appear an unforseen complication. Hopefully if anyone else has a problem with it they will look at the Euroscope forums like we did and find your solution.



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Hi all,


All your findings seems to be correct. At the moment I am still stacked back to Visual Studio 2005 in EuroScope development. As far as any plug-ins need another run time environment it will not be presented in EuroScope installer.


EuroScope developer

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Hey guys,


Plugin is working fine for me on ES with Windows 7 except for the fact that when the sound should play I'm hearing a little windows ping sound instead of the beebeep that I should hear.


Tried firing up ES in Administrator mode, but that's not helping as well. Sound is in the correct sound folder of ES so that shoudn't be the problem


Seems the soundfile isn't added in ES, how come?

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On 1/27/2010 at 2:32 AM, Craig Phillips 947617 said:


A simple, but effective timer plug-in for EuroScope. Installation and usage instructions included as a PDF in the ZIP file.


Download Here


Craig Phillips

Hi Craig, this is an amazingly useful plugin. However I am not able to download the plugin from the link that you are provided. Can anyone please provided an updated link for the plugin download. Thanks


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