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Real-world traffic in ES?

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I don't know if anyone is still interested in this topic, but I managed to get IRL traffic in Euroscope working using the Opensky Network. How it works and the source code can be found on the git

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I uploaded a trial version of the program to http://www.euroscope.hu/sbstofsdproxy/SBStoFSDproxy.zip. It is actually a very lightweight FSD server. You can connect to it with EuroScope. It supports multiple connections therefore you can share your SBS-1 traffic. It also supports private chats, but no more functions.


When started you can connect it to the SBS-1 TCP/IP socket by defining the server and the port. It displays all the incoming data in the list and also sends the data as plane position to EuroScope clients. It has a built in error recovery to be able to interpret the non complete lines from SBS-1.


If it has data about a plane then it moves it in every 5 seconds (to be conform with FSD) to the last known direction with the last known GS. When a real coordinate is received then an IDENT is sent. In this way you will know what is simulated and what is real.


In the packet you can find some data files:

- icao24.txt - is a list of the ICAO hexident and plane registration numbers (there are 7818 records so far)

- aircrafts.txt - is a list of registered aircraft based on their registration number (161868 records so far)

- flightplans.txt - is a list of flight plans (19024 records so far)


You may need to copy the Microsoft DLLs and manifest files from your EuroScope installation if the EXE does not start.


Just try it and have some fun.


p.s. You may send notes on it to here, but it is not a fully supported program. Just use as it is.


I have also used this to successfully connect my ADSB feeder to ES, however, I am having a problem where the Aircraft are displayed many miles away from my location and sector file in New York. all the positions are good in the data on adsbhub and virtual radar server but when the data is fed into SBStoFSDProxy, all the locations with any negative latitude and/or longitude are missing, so it seems only coordinates from the one + + quadrant of earth are displayed... maybe SBStoFSDproxy error or am i doing something wrong?


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