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vPilot - need testers for shared cockpit (observer) mode

Ross Carlson

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Your method of connecting to the network for utilising the shared cockpit was correct, and the Supervisor was not aware of this method. I have provided guidance to all our Supervisors about this through our own channels. I'm sorry this caused some confusion.


With regards to allegations of inappropriate attitudes by a Supervisor: the forum is not the correct place to address this. You can always find me at vpsup(at)vatsim.net and I will investigate anything I am sent. I already have the full log of this incident through other means. I have removed the name of the Supervisor and some other content in this thread; regardless of how one thinks someone has responded, personally attacking them is immature and not on. Supervisors are volunteers who log onto the network to help users with no reward in return. Just like any other member, they do not deserve to be shot down on a public forum.




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Many thanks indeed all for your responses and support.


Firstly - apologies for any suggestion of an attack. I beleive there might have been a minor language barrier (and the over-use of exclaimation marks) - and some of the SUPs comments were possibly taken, by me, in the wrong way.


When posted last night, I was annoyed at the embuggerance of handling this at 4000ft when my PF was on base leg and needed me to working with him. Sorry.


I should have edited out the names and in response to Gunnar - thank you, duly noted.




Secondly - I understand the process of connecting as an observer is deemed correct in shared flightdeck. Thank you for the clarification.


However, can I also ask for input on:


At the moment, we swap PF/PNF roles during mid-cruise. One of us flies the departure, the other - the approach.


The PNF handles the ATC comms, as the PF (connecting as observer) cannot transmit.


This means during cruise - we both disconnect from VATSIM, and swap our callsigns (using the A suffix for the observer).


It also means we log the same flightplan twice under the same callsign, but different vatsim accounts.


We are therefore only logging VATSIM pilot hours for the PNF (or if the PF handled comms, only they would be credited for the time).


Does anyone have an alternative? I understand the implications of having 2 VATSIM pilots in the same plane.

Michael Freeman, Devon UK


Equipment: 737, 747, 777, A318-A321 (shared cockpit), Dash8

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[21:39:30] SUP: I can suggest you investigate in some forum! OBS because of the way is not right. As the word says OBS ... you are not looking!


At which point you could have responded:


"I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you sir that I am indeed "looking".. As BAW472 has been snoring in his seat beside me for past 2000 miles..."


'might've actually been worth a possible temporary suspension.


Seriously; You handled that with great professionalism and more than a little restraint.

Great idea! That would have made the supervisor leave straight away, probbalby embarr[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed about arguing with a pilot flying with the captain fast asleep beside him! I'll be sure to use this if I ever have to.

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Made a Shared Cockpit flight in one of the aircraft we have under Beta, and it we did not notice any problems with vPilot. One thing I found interesting is that we did not have to disable the Observer aircraft as one must do with FSINN. Are you using the Observer and Stealth modes when someone connects as Observer?


Anyway, nice to see vPilot as Shared Cockpit compatible - nicely done!

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One thing I found interesting is that we did not have to disable the Observer aircraft as one must do with FSINN. Are you using the Observer and Stealth modes when someone connects as Observer?


Hi Dave, glad it's working well for you.


I'm not sure what you mean by "disable the Observer aircraft" ... I never used FSInn. I'm also not sure what you mean by Stealth mode. There is no such thing on VATSIM to my knowledge.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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Ross I've never used shared cockpit, but do you have to set up a MP server with shared cockpit or just use the b observer mode on VPilot?

vPilot itself doesn't facilitate the actual sharing of cockpits - that's up to 3rd party software/add-ons. The vPilot change was simply to allow a copilot using an already-shared cockpit to connect to VATSIM in a way that wouldn't cause a duplicated target on ATC scopes.

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Hello. I tried to connect with vPilot. using a callsign, my friend adds an "A" after the callsign. but it seems didnt't work. He can't see my movement/actions, I can .msg him via vpilot, he received the message. But I can't see any changes nor a 'mirror' aircraft in the same gate and position.


Thank You.

Regards, Evan.

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I have recently downloaded the vpilot shared cockpit extension and was wondering if you could help me i have been trying for quite a while now to join my friend on a vatsim flight i have tried going into vpilot and getting my friend to join in Observer mode with a similar callsign just with an added letter and nothing changes in game i recently found another version of vpilot on my PC called vPilot Host Mode was this what i downloaded with your link and should i have been on this when trying to get my friend to join me. many thanks in advance also if it any help I am trying to get him to join me in a quality wings 787-9 thank you

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