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VATSIM tests voice codec live on network for first time

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It is currently in the early beta stages from my knowledge. It'll still need to be refined with tweaks, features, and integration into clients. There will be an update when the team has further information to share, this is how all progress is made. There can be no commitment as to a timeline right now because it is still in early testing. For right now just know that it is being worked on and the progress appears really good so far.

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Thank you!


I've posted a couple times in the past about this issue and this put a smile on my face, I can't wait for this to go live so I can enjoy flying online with vatsim again.


credit to those involved, fingers crossed for a timely and smooth deployment

we best not count our chickens before they hatch but a very well done to those developing this, keep going

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Patience. The dev team is still working on the codec. There was another beta test about 2 weeks ago and we have some clips from that test that we will be releasing soon.

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