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JSON version of the stats

Jeff Thomas

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What is the difference between









Does these two contain exactly the same data? Because the json file is not published as far as I know


Yes I don't see any reason for the data to be different, only the format is different.

Yanick Coulombe (965064)
Webmaster - FIR de Montréal
[email protected]


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On 12/11/2019 at 8:54 AM, Yanick Coulombe 965064 said:

Yes I don't see any reason for the data to be different, only the format is different.


On 12/11/2019 at 9:12 AM, Nestor Perez said:

Correct. JSON geta updated a bit more frequently than TXT too.

So is the difference in line breaks in controller info ("ATIS") text between TXT ("^§") and JSON ("^§") intentional?

The former seems to be a regression introduced some time ago and breaking at least one application (QuteScoope) which still parses the TXT for ^§ like used in JSON: https://github.com/qutescoop/qutescoop/issues/24

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I'm getting a ton of JSON parsing errors on the data feed. Is anyone else?


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So do I. Parsing the JSON has been working for ages (in PHP), but all of a sudden json_decode returns a string instead of an array.


Update 1530Z: It seems as if the data is encoded twice on the VATSIM side. Because, if I decode it twice, everything works fine again.

$total_results = json_decode($string, true); // $string is the curl return
$total_results = json_decode($total_results, true);  // <- This line was not needed until yesterday

@Nestor Perez



Edited by Martijn Rammeloo
Update: sort of solved it...
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