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Looking forward to trying vatSys!

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Hey @Jake Saw! Thank you for this amazing work.

We are opening our horizonts to new ATC clients for VATSIM Argentina. Following that direction, I would like to ask you some things that I couldn't find in the documentation;


1. Is it possible to launch and handle a sweatbox session?

2. How does the SSR assignment work? In our case depending on the FIR we have 3 ranges of SSRs (national, international and VFR). Would it work or should we develop something custom?

3. Has someone tried it on MacOS?


I'll probably have more questions as we start to using and setting it up but having answers for these would be a great starting point.

Thank you again for your time and you effort on this.

Best regards,


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Welcome Javier

1. Yes you can connect to sweatbox to control, but there is no inbuilt simulator like euroscope had. 

2. Yes, see the Australia profile’s SSRAssignment.xml as that is how it’s setup already. 

3.  Windows only


Developer - vatSys


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