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Errors (in MyVatsim, CommunityVatsim, vPilot) after completing new member orientation exam

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Last weekend (7 days ago, so well over 24 hours) i went through the New Member Orientation (all 4 parts) and completed the exam.


When i submitted the exam it took a very long time for the next page to load and i was presented with a timeout error. However when i went to the My Exams section in MyVatsim i can see the completed exam, leaving me to think was successful.


However now i'm having some problems. When i log into MyVatsim i'm still present with a pop-up reminder to complete the new member orientation. I've tried logging out and back in several times and this does not change the behavior.


At the top of the page there is also a banner that reminds me to complete the new member orientation.


In the Pilot Training section it has a "Before you fly on the network, you'll need to complete the New Member rating." section and says i don't currently have a rating however i can't find anything about a "new member rating" anywhere - i'm assuming this is again the new member orientation.



Separate from MyVatsim, i can't connect to the discord. The first time i went to community.vatsim.net i logged in and had to authorize access to MyVatsim and after that the "Get Started" page loaded again. If i go back to community.vatsim.net and click on "Get Started" it just reloads the page. If i do this in a private/incognito window then it does ask me to log in again but then presents the same behavior.


If i go to community.vatsim.net/servers the Servers, Joined and Settings pages show nothing. Clicking "Log Out" sends me back to the home page where again clicking "Get Started" does nothing.



Additionally i can't connect on vPilot. It says i have an invalid CID/password but i've retyped it several times (not copy/pasting) and i can't imagine i'm that bad at retyping a handful of letters and numbers, with the correct capitalization.



I suspect that since there was a timeout, MyVatsim doesn't fully understand i've completed the exam and CommunityVatsim and vPilot don't appear to think i exist, that when i submitted the exam it logged the result of it but didn't sync that with the distributed servers - just a hunch though.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I've tried logging into MyVatsim and CommunityVatsim in FireFox and Chrome both in a normal and private/incognito window without any success.

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Looking at our servers, you are indeed marked as not having completed the exam. This is likely a server glitch, and I have notified tech staff to take a look at your case. They will be in contact shortly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing, and look forward to getting you up and running!

Mats Edvin Aarø
General Manager - Member Engagement
Supervisor Team Lead: Team 4
[email protected]

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Hello Deanna and welcome to VATSIM!

This does seem to be a tech glitch and I was able to separately confirm that you passed the P0 exam with flying colors. Well done!

I have activated your account.

Should you encounter difficulties connecting to VATSIM or using any of the VATSIM web services, please reach out to the Membership Department by opening a ticket at https://support.vatsim.net/.

Michael Mund-Hoym

VATSIM EMEA Membership Manager & Data Audit Manager

VATSIM Network Supervisor

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