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Unacceptable sudden volume increase

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On 3/11/2022 at 10:56 PM, Dan Morera said:

My bad vpilot 3.2.1 on W10  already checked that sound setting the one about do nothing.

Any luck figuring this out? I have been having issues even flying on vatsim because of this. One person is so soft I can't hear them and then they next is so loud that people in the room ask me to turn down the vol. when I have a headset on.

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Posted (edited)

Same, I have been getting this problem for some time with both P3Dv4 and then now v5 when I updated. Sometimes it happens once in an hour, sometimes 10 times in an hour, sometimes not at all. But it happens on probably 90% of my flights using ATC. I am running the latest version of vpilot but there have been several updates since this problem began (I just didn't post about it until now) and sadly, it continues. The -72 volume and 0 volume didn't work. I haven't heard it without the ATC effects on, but I've never flown that way for more than 20 minutes since it takes away a lot of the immersion IMO.

I agree that this is a very serious problem as it is DEAFING loud and many will have no idea how to even identify and search to resolve the problem, so it is very surprising to see all these other people having the same problem. 3/5 of my friends in real life who fly on Vatsim (with both xpilot and vpilot) said they experience this too and have for over 1 year. 

Any updates on what is causing this from anyone at vpilot that you guys have seen?

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