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VATSYS Present in WorldFlight 2020 I was crazy enough to try it on Tuesday! And it did pretty good managing the eastbound departures out of Mexico Center. Still some things to figure out an

Not live but progress so far on the Mexico Vatsys Sector    

It wasn't live last time... but guess what... it is now!  

Posted Images

My scope of the Miami ARTCC


My eyes! How on Earth are you able to separate airplanes through that rainbow?





That color profile seems rather difficult to work an enroute position with. Your aircraft datablocks are roughly the same color as your airspace boundaries and you're using a dark blue color for primaries that nearly blends with the background at first glance. You really want the brightest thing on your scope to be what you're separating, the aircraft primary targets, and data blocks are going to be the next most important thing to be focused on. I'd highly suggest trying the DSR color profiles that so many are using now days. That might make things a tad easier to focus on while you control.


I know the ZLA sector file has a large variety of hard-coded colors programed into it, maybe that's why you've opted to use these colors instead. I've taken the liberty to remove a majority of these in a custom file so that using the DSR profile for enroute positions and other profiles for approach control positions is far easier on the eyes than having a rainbow of colors sprawled out across your scope. I can show you how to do this if you'd be interested sometime, it's not too difficult to accomplish. I can tell you for sure though that many studies have gone into the color profiles in use in the real world from determining which colors work best for what portions of the display to how many different colors should be depicted on a scope at any given time... For lack of a better term, there's "a reason for the madness" as it may initially appear.


I'd give it a shot though if you haven't already...






Romano Lara
vACC Philippines, Manager - Training & Standards

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After upgrading my sector converter tool, here is Lisbon (LPPT) airport now with taxiway and regions talking to each other



Miguel Frias

Senior Instructor (I3) & Certified Pilot (P4), ZLA I-11 graduate

Portugal vACC Training Director (ACCPT2), VATEUD Operations Director (VATEUD8)



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Miami Oceanic is radar capable.

Most of it's not though... the oceanic sectors are run with strip marking and non-radar procedures if reports are to be believed.

One of my instructors works oceanic frequently, we had a really in depth discussion about non-radar separation, and he indicated that most of the area has no meaningful radar coverage.



Matthew Spencer (SP)

vZBW Training Administrator emeritus


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Neat perspective Jake, looks like some photos of the real thing!


I thought that it WAS, until I saw the Windows Vista taskbar! Looks great, Jake, really looking forward to it!


When I was in a tower here in Canada, I saw that here they run the radar as an application on a copy of Windows XP.

Jody Turner - I1

Toronto FIR - Facility Engineer


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