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Not live but progress so far on the Mexico Vatsys Sector    

VATSYS Present in WorldFlight 2020 I was crazy enough to try it on Tuesday! And it did pretty good managing the eastbound departures out of Mexico Center. Still some things to figure out an

Kuwait Radar for today's event from Dubai to Amsterdam!

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Hi all,


My setup for a normal screen is a little bit more colorful than the default Matias, but looks similar:



But I have some, probably more interesting screenshots too. The next example is the built-in arrival manager screen.

The horizontal axe represents the distance in minutes while the vertical axe shows the altitude in feet. The leader line shows the 2 minutes estimation.



The next one is a gate allocation screen. Shows the gate allocations for arrivals and departures.

It is fully implemented as plug-in for EuroScope and available as source code.



My last example is another plug-in. Also available as source code. The precision approach plug-in. Well at least something similar




this is DA BEST settings I've seen,

how many monitors did u use Gergely?




Indonesia VaCC | Virtual Airlines of Indonesia

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Colours on the ground radar are really nice!


How did you configure it? Have you manually configured the green areas etc in the sector file to be able to add the file or have you used a trick I don't know


I tried to do something similar with my scope but the problem is that the only thing defined in the sector file was taxiways, runway, etc. The ground in between was just background, so I gave up for now since I don't know exactly how to do it. But apparently it's possible

Johan Grauers

Event Coordinator - vACC Scandinavia

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First you have to use sct2 file format.


After that I just decalred on [REGIONS] section the the sct the coordinates and the colours.


An example below



DGRE N037.55.17.634 E023.54.59.761

N037.55.8.572 E023.55.14.618

N037.55.19.623 E023.56.0.699

N037.55.14.058 E023.56.11.060

N037.55.13.290 E023.56.12.328

N037.55.27.448 E023.56.25.423

N037.55.21.606 E023.56.35.213

N037.55.21.000 E023.56.35.931

N037.57.10.905 E023.58.20.171

N037.57.17.762 E023.58.10.798

N037.57.11.805 E023.58.3.463

N037.57.11.786 E023.57.58.810

N037.57.5.490 E023.57.53.135

N037.57.11.039 E023.57.43.332

N037.57.3.783 E023.57.35.195

N037.57.4.335 E023.57.31.125

N037.56.46.592 E023.57.15.080

N037.56.56.958 E023.56.55.442

N037.56.59.723 E023.56.50.912

N037.56.58.115 E023.56.40.048

N037.55.17.639 E023.54.59.575

DGREY N037.55.17.568 E023.56.14.248

N037.55.20.383 E023.56.9.466

N037.55.29.958 E023.56.18.570

N037.55.31.614 E023.56.20.142

N037.55.31.619 E023.56.20.149

N037.55.28.694 E023.56.25.172

N037.55.28.596 E023.56.25.010

N037.55.27.831 E023.56.24.106

N037.55.27.726 E023.56.23.983

DGREY N037.55.31.822 E023.56.26.078

N037.55.38.928 E023.56.14.100

N037.55.41.848 E023.56.16.947

N037.55.42.507 E023.56.16.800

N037.55.42.658 E023.56.16.807

N037.55.42.775 E023.56.16.886

N037.55.48.638 E023.56.22.427

N037.55.49.054 E023.56.22.701

N037.55.49.953 E023.56.23.380

N037.55.50.107 E023.56.23.489

N037.55.50.443 E023.56.23.593

N037.55.50.559 E023.56.23.588

N037.55.51.464 E023.56.24.442

N037.55.51.905 E023.56.24.902

N037.55.51.964 E023.56.25.149

N037.55.52.199 E023.56.25.508

N037.55.52.511 E023.56.25.873

N037.55.53.419 E023.56.26.961

N037.55.54.575 E023.56.28.066

N037.55.56.727 E023.56.30.112

N037.55.57.064 E023.56.30.428

N037.55.58.143 E023.56.31.465

N037.55.58.455 E023.56.31.831

N037.55.58.706 E023.56.32.341

N037.55.58.844 E023.56.32.928

N037.55.58.865 E023.56.33.576

N037.55.58.747 E023.56.34.111

N037.55.58.508 E023.56.34.608

N037.55.55.761 E023.56.39.249

N037.56.0.049 E023.56.43.286

N037.56.22.499 E023.57.4.563

N037.56.23.115 E023.57.4.528

N037.56.24.667 E023.57.1.756

N037.56.27.187 E023.56.57.572

N037.56.31.287 E023.57.1.478

N037.56.35.717 E023.57.5.742

N037.56.36.029 E023.57.6.025

N037.56.36.391 E023.57.5.988

N037.56.37.040 E023.57.6.593

N037.56.37.029 E023.57.6.992

N037.56.38.573 E023.57.8.455

N037.56.43.919 E023.57.13.507

N037.56.38.552 E023.57.22.585

N037.56.43.655 E023.57.27.382

N037.56.42.459 E023.57.29.377

N037.56.41.445 E023.57.29.732

N037.56.37.187 E023.57.25.697

N037.56.36.382 E023.57.27.035

N037.56.36.445 E023.57.27.612

N037.56.36.961 E023.57.28.184

N037.56.45.363 E023.57.36.149

N037.56.37.075 E023.57.28.333

N037.56.45.346 E023.57.36.173

N037.56.51.289 E023.57.26.128

N037.56.51.826 E023.57.26.671

N037.57.9.071 E023.57.42.832

N037.57.3.063 E023.57.53.005

N037.57.9.619 E023.57.59.247

N037.57.9.917 E023.57.59.602

N037.57.10.233 E023.58.0.689

N037.57.10.215 E023.58.1.322

N037.57.9.915 E023.58.3.845

N037.55.31.822 E023.56.26.078

GREEN N037.55.54.092 E023.56.48.811

N037.56.0.304 E023.56.54.707

N037.56.1.652 E023.56.56.320

N037.56.1.864 E023.56.56.908

N037.56.1.921 E023.56.57.444

N037.56.1.750 E023.56.57.985

N037.56.1.367 E023.56.58.379

N037.56.0.872 E023.56.58.479

N037.56.0.456 E023.56.58.339

N037.55.58.785 E023.56.57.122

N037.55.52.515 E023.56.51.178

N037.55.51.236 E023.56.49.675

N037.55.50.903 E023.56.49.112

N037.55.50.826 E023.56.48.423

N037.55.51.059 E023.56.47.824

N037.55.51.404 E023.56.47.504

N037.55.51.888 E023.56.47.343

N037.55.52.518 E023.56.47.584

N037.55.54.116 E023.56.48.843

GREEN N037.55.56.728 E023.56.56.399

N037.56.0.073 E023.56.59.593

N037.56.1.346 E023.57.0.884

N037.56.1.878 E023.57.1.638

N037.56.2.321 E023.57.2.557

N037.56.5.212 E023.57.10.909

N037.56.5.283 E023.57.11.354

N037.56.5.227 E023.57.11.641

N037.56.5.068 E023.57.11.756

N037.56.4.780 E023.57.11.774

N037.56.4.234 E023.57.11.536

N037.56.3.743 E023.57.11.073

N037.56.2.851 E023.57.10.317

N037.56.1.820 E023.57.9.419

N037.55.59.702 E023.57.7.406

N037.55.59.004 E023.57.6.598

N037.55.57.144 E023.57.4.399

N037.55.56.189 E023.57.2.925

N037.55.55.537 E023.57.1.738

N037.55.55.331 E023.57.1.379

N037.55.54.506 E023.56.59.514

N037.55.53.569 E023.56.56.944

N037.55.53.489 E023.56.56.347

N037.55.53.599 E023.56.55.834

N037.55.53.864 E023.56.55.358

N037.55.54.305 E023.56.55.058

N037.55.54.833 E023.56.55.066

N037.55.55.625 E023.56.55.512

N037.55.56.728 E023.56.56.414


Hope this helps


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Johan, perhaps you'd like to start on ESGG then, because this is what we have in store for ESSA.




The ground mode of the E2kE plugin is not tested properly yet, but it shouldn't take too long to release it.

Martin Loxbo

Director Sweden FIR

VATSIM Scandinavia

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Minneapolis TRACON (M98)


1. CARTS (simulated with STARS radar mode and custom color profile).

2. ASDE-III (simulated using ARTS radar mode and custom color profile).


(right) vZMP IDS: dynamic web applet created by our FE that shows current airport ATIS and runway information, as well as SUAs, NOTAMS, PIREPS, TMU/Flow Restrictions, and Emergencies.



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Minneapolis Center 2 monitor setup, again featuring the ZMP IDS window.


DSR color profile and radar mode (colors courtesy of Andrew Doubleday)

ASDE-III custom colors and sector file running ARTS mode (colors and sector file by Chris Rolfe)



Dhruv Kalra

VATUSA ZMP ATM | Instructor | VATSIM Network Supervisor


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