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Post your scope!

Callum McLoughlin

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Euroscope VRC hybrid


Euroscope screen shows the ZNY consolidated N90 TRACON plus Long Island. Video maps from left to right, Newark, LaGuardia, Kennedy plus Long Island. VRC connected to the Euroscope proxy server with ground views of the three major N90 airports clockwise from upper left: KJFK, KLGA, KEWR with the lower left selectable by an alias command to show any minor airport in the ARTCC, currently showing KTEB.




Andrew Morkunas


Twitch: padre_andrew ATC Simulations

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Memphis Center



Memphis Approach



Nashville Approach



I use VRC, purely because it's easier to provide pilots with professional and helpful services pertinent to VATSIM. With vSTARS or vERAM, I find this to be especially challenging, mostly because these programs (in real life) are designed to be used in a position where various positions are under, adjacent, and below your sector. All IMHO.

Toby Rice

Air Traffic Manager, Instructor

Honolulu Control Facility

[email protected]


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