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Post your scope!

Callum McLoughlin

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Yes, indeed! Just needs to bug test it some more and wrap up a few things. Found a few bugs on tonight's session, then it'll be available for everyone I can find on the Shanwick/Gander member list


No idea when it'll be ready though, as I'm usually away from home from Monday morning until Friday evening due work, so it takes some time.


I've already created a list/table (the map uses the same data, so you can use the table+map together if you want, whenever that is ready) that is already available for Shanwick/Gander controllers to use. This is based on the Excel table that was created a long time ago. This can be found at http://oca.vnas.net (which is where the map will be available as well, once it's done). I've learned a lot in-between creating the list and the map, so for now, there will be a few things in the list that doesn't work too well etc - at least compared to the map, but it's usable. You'll know what I mean if you ever use it.

Here's an image of the list:



It's not part of the sector file or the executable - this is all browser based

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Thanks much for sharing. Yeah I've been looking for a good program to simulate oceanic and a few exist, the only problem is they typically are built for Atlantic crossings. It would be great if something would come along that is universal and can be used world wide. One day that may come:)

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Hei Anders,


Looks like this thread is going slightly off topic, but in a good way! I wonder if you'd also care to make the tool available to Iceland Radio and Søndrestrøm Information controllers on request (see roster)? As you already know, we've got pretty much the same procedures as Shanwick/Gander except that we use only random routes (and have lots of radar coverage )

Wygene Chong

C1 Controller | Iceland | Greenland | Faroe Islands

VATSIM Scandinavia

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I guess looking at the image on mobile wasn't the best idea. Also, since I don't believe their is any overlap with the rosters at Gander and Shanwick, you might want to also make this available to those who received this Oceanic cert at Gander (http://www.ganderoceanic.com/roster/Roster.aspx).

Josh Glottmann
Deputy Air Traffic Manager
Oakland ARTCC
[email protected]

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Josh: Yeah, it's a simple conflict checker. For now, it only checks the estimated time between two aircraft on the same level inbound the same waypoint/coordinate. I have a friend who managed to create/fix a function for me that checks intersecting lines, however, so far I've only been able to make it work on aircraft that flies on the same routing - kinda unnecessary hehe

Also the roster you linked to, is the same as the one I linked to, I believe? Just a different domain it seems


Wygene: I might make a version for Reykjavik and Bodø OACC as well, based a bit more on BOAS ATM (pretty much the same ATM as Reykjavik uses), but this depends whether I'm able to convert the sector coordinates to a conic projection (or something like that) so the airspaces will look more correct (just imagine how much easier this would all be if the earth was flat like these stupid maps we use are ). Otherwise I don't think it'll happen - at least for now.

Besides, the system is "hard coded" for Shanwick/Gander, so easterly coordinates simply won't work yet. But like I said, I do have some plans for BOAS if I can convert lat/lng to LCC


New York/Santa Maria might be possible with the current setup, but no plans for it as of now. So many other things to do in-between work

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(A mod may want to split off this side discussion)




For the project I am working on, I am using PROJ4 (which has bindings for a variety of languages) which does my map projection and geodesic calculations. The great thing about this is that it not only projects the map as a conic (or anything else) but it also deals with the antimeridian (180W/180E) problem. Something you might want to check out when you get to that point.

David Zhong

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Controlling for the Brisbane RealOps event.

Brisbane Approach North (Controlling all arrival aircraft from the North and West.)







What plugins are you using to create the button bars and flight strip bay? I am an avid EuroScope user and I am always looking for ways to "pimp it out."

Andrew Morkunas


Twitch: padre_andrew ATC Simulations

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Couple Minneapolis scopes showing off Ross' handiwork.


vERAM, ZMP during this past Saturday morning's staff up:



vSTARS, M98 during a Sweatbox scenario. I'm working South final while the trainee/instructor work the North final running parallel dependent ILS approaches:


Dhruv Kalra

VATUSA ZMP ATM | Instructor | VATSIM Network Supervisor


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Morten is correct, it is only for Shanwick/Gander for now.


I've also begun working on a third version of it. Especially the map will be significantly updated:


(click on it for full size)


I was lucky enough to have an image of the real system (though a bit old) posted in the VATSIM UK forums to give me an idea of its looks


Anyway, the link to the system is http://oca.vnas.net

But like Morten said, it's only for Gander/Shanwick controllers, so if you aren't on any of the two rosters available or have any online time on either of the sectors, there is absolutely no point in even trying to register - you will be rejected, as I don't want every one to have access

(Not meant for you Sebastian, as I know you are rated for the position - just trying to save me for some work :p)

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